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Pu-erh Iced Tea - Very Tasty!

Posted by John Wark on

Yesterday is was hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot around middle Tennessee.  Iced Tea Season (also known as summer) is definitely upon us!  I worked outside during the morning taking the hedge trimmers to some junipers and boxwoods. Very hot work doing that in the direct sun.  Linda made a big pitcher of iced tea using our Kumming Gongfu Pu-erh.  It tasted great!  I think that is the first time we've made iced tea with pu-erh but it definitely will not be the last.  

I drank the pu-erh iced tea straight (i.e. no sweetener).  I usually prefer a slightly sweetened tea but the pu-erh didn't really need it.  The pu-erh was not all that dissimilar to a normal good black tea iced tea on first taste but the late notes in the mouth had some of that earthy or maybe slightly smoky taste common to pu-erhs.   Very tasty and very refreshing.  

What teas do you like to use to make iced tea?  Have you experimented with something new recently?  You don't have to just use the supermarket tea bags you grew up with you know - try something different! 

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