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We’re here to connect you with the great teas and tea cultures of China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka - and the rest of the world.  Tea is the world’s second most consumed beverage after water, yet far too few of us have had the opportunity to explore the hundreds of wonderful teas that lie beyond the mass market tea bag on the supermarket shelf.  Let us help you explore and blend the world of tea into your own personal tea culture.  

At Music City Tea, we strive to assemble a wide assortment of carefully selected, high quality tea as well as thoughtfully designed, highly functional teaware. We present our assortment of tea and teaware to you through our online store and through our home tea-tasting parties and ceremonies. We are located just outside Music City (Nashville) in Franklin, Tennessee. We launched our business in 2010.

We select and offer the finest tea from around the world. We educate our customers on how tea is enjoyed in other cultures. We select and offer beautiful teaware to help our customers store, prepare and drink tea. And, we help our customers discover how they can best integrate fine tea into their own personal life-style.

We believe we should learn all we can from the other cultures that invented tea drinking, and from those cultures that learned from those cultures. So we should learn from the Chinese and Koreans and Japanese. We should honor their traditions and approaches to preparing and drinking tea. We should learn from the British and Russians and everyone else who in turn adopted tea and who developed their own approaches to enjoying tea. But, we don't believe we need to be constrained by what those cultures have done with tea.  We're Americans and we're into that whole idea of stealing the best from everywhere (people, ideas, foods, all of it) and blending it in the great American cultural melting pot.

We believe tea is one of the most affordable luxury goods in the world. Even the finest, most expensive tea, a tea that might cost $300 or more a pound, only costs a couple of dollars a cup. That's less than a medium-sized espresso drink at your local coffee shop and far less than a glass of even a moderately-good wine. And tea reminds us of wine - there are many varieties of both, both are very sensitive to small variations in terroir and production technique, both have an incredibly wide range of price and quality, and both have variations from year-to-year and region-to-region that provide a varied and enjoyable learning experience.


Jinlan (Jenny) is our Chinese tea expert.  Jenny comes from the area around Wuyishan in Fujian Province in China. Fujian Province is a source of green, white, black, and oolong tea - no other province in China provides four of the major varieties of tea. She had her own tea shop in China and her family is involved in all aspects of growing and manufacturing tea. Jenny specializes in giving tea tastings and, especially, gong fu tea ceremonies. No one we know brings more passion and joy to educating others in how to enjoy tea in the Chinese way. Jenny's family has been growing oolong and black tea for over three generations.