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Yixing Tea Set Black And White Xishi With Tea Tray $82.99 For Sale

  • $8299

This is a great starter set of Chinese Yixing teaware.  All pieces are smooth, unglazed Yixing earthenware. Set contains a small Yixing steeping pot, a pouring pot, and four small tasting cups.  

Teapots made with Yixing clay are widely sought after by tea fanciers around the world.  True Yixing pots are never glazed.  Each time the teapot is used it absorbs some of the oils from the tea and thus over time the pot absorbs the flavor of the tea brewed in it.  Some even say that after years of use that you can brew tea simply by adding boiling water to the teapot! 

The smaller size of the teapot (4 oz.) is traditional in China where it is common to drink many small portions of tea at a single sitting.  The entire contents of each brewing can be quickly emptied after the infusion to avoid the bitterness that comes from over-steeping.

Since Yixing ware absorbs the flavors of the tea, it is traditional to use a given teapot only for a single type of tea.  Many Chinese have an oolong pot, a green tea pot, and so on.  Also, it is not recommended that you use a Yixing pot for flavored or scented teas such as Jasmine, Earl Grey, Ginseng, etc.  

 Hand wash with hot water.  Do not use soap. 

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