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White farmer Tea- Wellness Tea- Nature Grown no Caffeine #H12

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White farmer - Herbal Jiaogulan 

 This tea total help Healing COV , check more pictures with our customers reviews 

As famous tea and best seller tea, Nature Herbal - no caffeine 

Good for Sinus, cough toothache, sore throat, colds. Caffeine Free.

It is a popular Herbal in Chinese for the farmers daily to treat illness, antioxidants. Lower blood pressure.cardiovascular. Cleanings informations. Diabetes.

Good for allergies, athsma,acne,cold. Congestion.

Help relieve C.O.P.D. Chronic obstructive, pulmonary disease.

Drink after dinner, it also help relax and pee good and sleep good too.

 No caffeine, natural grown herb


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