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Sleeping Beauty-Herbal Tea Night Time Tea

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sleeping Beauty is mix of herbal with : white farmer tea, chamomile, rose bud. Best seller night time time, really help you relax and sleep good. And pee good too.

This is our top seller tea in our tea shop, 100% nature high Mt herbal used when our famer's being sick. 

The in tea also one type of "Jiaogulan " is one of our famous Nature herbal used at our daily life in China. It is good for treat cold, cough and cool body heat, stomachache, sore throat, it clears toxins and heat from the body. As a result it has a cooling effect on the body and blocked bronchial tubes. It is used for fighting against infections.

First time try this tea, try a sip of water then try 4-6oz this tea, then.try the water again, then water will taste very sweet. So we also called surprise tea.

We mix a wonderful tea for the night time: "Sleeping Beauty", we mix white farmer tea, chamomile, and rose, taste very good, it help relax and it work very well, lot of customer love it.

 Peppermint White farmer tea .We also blend this Stomach tea, it is for treat your stomach ill.






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