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Tulsi - organic purple leaf tulsi fine

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Purple leaf Tulsi (lso known as Krishna Tulsi) is known for its slightly spicy, peppery flavor with cinnamon undertones. This loose leaf Tulsi also includes branches and stems of the plant, considered to be beneficial to one's health. Caffeine free.

Cooling brew, slightly spicy, peppery flavor with an earthy aroma reminiscent of basil, mint and cinnamon.

Brewing instructions - use 190 degree water.  Add approx. 2 teaspoons of purple tulsi and steep for 3-5 minutes.  Good for 1-2 infusions.

Known as  'the incomparable one'  and "elixir of life" in its ancestral home of  India, Tulsi is so highly revered that almost every Indian home has a Tulsi plant growing indoors, on a patio, or in a courtyard.  It is considered the key herbal tea in Ayurvedic Healing Practice with references dating to about 2600 BC. 

Early Christrian writers referred to the Tulsi Plant as "Holy Basil" because it was said to have grown at the tomb of Jesus and was used by Christian Brothers as a healing tea. 

There are two major  varieties of Tulsi - Green Leaf Tulsi and Purple Leaf Tulsi.  Both varieties are are used in Ayurvedic Healing  to improve stamina, help eliminate toxins, enhance metabolism, relieve inflammation, and balance the Body, Mind and Spirit.  Modern Natural Medicine practitioners classify Tulsi as an adaptogen, a natural substance which improves the functioning of the vital organs.

Tulsi is naturally caffeine free, does not get bitter, and is a rich source of antioxidants and other micro nutrients.

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