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Push Tea Pot (Lazy Easy Tea Pot)#68 $21.95

  • $2195

Personal "Push Button" Tea Pot

Here's a fantastic personal-size tea pot.  This design has been much imitated (and much ripped off) but this is the original PIAO I tea pot.  This is the 500cc (17 oz) version - just about perfect for an individual infusion of tea.  We use these at our tea tastings and people love the design of this product.  Great for home use as well as for the office. 

Made in China.  Outer pot is glass.  Inner (infuser) cup is food grade polycarbonate.  BPA free. 

When you use this tea pot, add tea leaves in the top, and then for Oolong and black tea, boiling water over 212 degree, count to 5. (1,2,3,4,5)  Then push the button at the top, then ready to drink and serve. For green and white tea, use 190 degree water too, and count to 5, then  ready to drink.

For Oolong and black tea steep 5-8 times, for green and white tea  steep 3-5 times.


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