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Oolong Tea Sampler

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This sampler gives you a way to taste a wide variety of different types and styles of oolong tea and serves as a wonderful introduction to one of the most fascinating types of tea.  Oolongs are much less well known in the U.S. than green and black teas and we love to introduce folks to the rich variety of oolong tea at our tea tastings.  Our sampler is a great way to taste a variety of oolong teas without taking the risk of buying a large quantity of something that you might not like.   There are four varieties of tea in our sampler.  There is 1 oz. of each variety giving you a total of 4 oz. for the entire sampler.  That means you'll be able to make approximately 50 cups of tea from this sampler, with 10 to 15 cups of each type of tea.  

The four oolongs in our sampler are from China and Taiwan and include Iron Goddess of Mercy from Anxi. Dongting Oolong from Taiwan. Water Fairy and Big Red Robe from Wuyi Mt.





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