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Oolong Tea ( Big Red Robe) top sale #9S

  • $1295

This Tea is much smoky than other Oolong, if you do like darker tea such as the Lapsand Souchong or Puerh tea, you will like this one.

Yes this is the house tea, Jenny come from Wuyi Mount , bring this best Oolong tea to the shop.

Yes this is right place to buy the real Farmer"s tea from Wuyishan.

Big Red Robe, Chinese Name Da Hong Pao, this is the second generation of the tea plan.

Serving with Gong Fu tea style, multiple use above 5 times. Yixing Tea pot or Gainwan sets. boiling water steep for 5-10 seconds.

In recent years, a number of companies have invested in preserving the interest in this tea and other so-called "artisan" teas, which typically are of very high quality and have rich histories as is true with Da Hong Pao. These have an initially high cost of production (and typically are only considered authentic when grown in their place of origin), but, as they have quickly become popular in Western countries, prized selections of the tea are available each year, with quality being consistent due to the increased popularity of tea.

Cuttings taken from the original plants have been used to produce similar grades of tea from genetically identical plants. Taste variations produced by processing, differences in the soil. and location of these later generation plants is used to grade the quality of various Da Hong Pao teas.

Due to its high quality, Da Hong Pao tea is usually reserved for honored guests in China.



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