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Mugwort Moxa Sticks 60 pcs

  • $1599

Sale by one box with 60 pcs small sticks . 


100% brand new

Moxibustion Size(approx): 4.5CM*3CM

Material: Smoke Moxibustion Stick

Scope of application:body, arms and legs,any pain spot.not apply on top your front body.

put the stick on , it will detoxify the inflammation out. You will see results immediately. Call us if you have any questions.

MoxibustionThe main use of mugwort is in a technique called moxibustion. This involves burning the herb over a specific part of the body based on what the practitioner is trying to achieve.Practitioners also commonly use moxibustion during acupuncture to increase the effectiveness of this ancient Chinese practice.There is some evidence to suggest that moxibustion may be able to help prevent or correct breech births, which might, in turn, help reduce the need for as many cesarean deliveries.

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