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Monthly Special -$20 tea sampler half price deal Limited offer.

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Monthly special Tea sampler, half price deal, limited offer.

 This is while supplies last only, and won't be here for long!

 The teas included are:

Joy tea: Green Tea with Lavender and rose petal

Ginger Peach Black Tea: Black tea with Ginger and Peach pieces.

Karahari Rooibos: With honeybush, marigolds, cornflowers, orange peel with orange,peach, and vanilla flavor.

Pomegranate White Peony: White Peony Tea white Pomegranate.

Three Treasure Oolong Tea.  Three Treasures Oolong is a delicious treat from the famous Anxi Region of Fujian Province, home of the Ti Kwan Yin and Hairy Crab Oolongs. Three Treasures refers to the tea itself and then to its very pleasant coconut and pineapple flavors. The taste of this wonderful tea lingers on the palate and is perfect alone or paired with light food and snacks.

Get yours now before they are gone!

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