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Double wall tea set - 5 choices

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This is one of our flagship tea sets and the pictures do not do it justice as to how beautiful it actually is. With this set, the tea is made directly in the tea pot through the use of a removable strainer and then served to the 6 double-walled cups. All of this sets on a really well made ceramic strainer bowl that drains water from the serving table to the reservoir below.

One of the coolest innovations with this set is how the cups are designed. As you can tell with the pictures, there are two separate walls. This design creates a very effective insulation layer. This insulation does a very good job of keeping the outside of the cup very cool while keeping the contents hot. With this cup, you can hold a cup of boiling water and not feel the heat!



  • Tea Pot
  • Strainer
  • 6 Cups

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