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Fruit Tea Sampler

  • $600

$6 Sampler Pack is a great idea for start with small amount tea to try.


Great dry fruit tea with all good taste of the flavor

A Pink Lady Fruit Tea: dragon fruit. Apple piece , raspberry.hibiscus,marshmallow. So good!

B Fruit Basket-Herbal.-F17 Ingredient: Apple pieces hibiscus petals, elderberries,rosehip peel, flavoring, cherry pieces,(cherries wheat starch) Raspberry.

C Hawaiian Paradise:-F16  Ingredient: Pineapple, apricot, peach,apple, mango,cranberry, papaya,hibiscus,passion fruit. peach flavor.

D Cherry Tea: -F18  Ingredient: cherry, Elderberry,cranberry, blackberry, hibiscus, raspberry, with Cherry flavor.



Brew Instruction:

 2tps with 16oz-24oz cup or pot, boiling water, steep 5-10 seconds, re-use it another 3-8times.

 Gift Wrap available!

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