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Fenshui Herbal Tea (风水茶)

Fenshui Herbal Tea (风水茶)

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Feng Shui has the goal to create harmony between human beings and their surroundings. In order to create this Chi (positive, free flowing energy), the perfect balance between oneself and the five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water has to be achieved. According to Feng Shui, the elements are represented by the colours green, red, yellow, silver and blue as well as the forms twined, pointy, flat, round and curly which all represent an ingredient in our herb tea blend, which is rounded off with the balance of natural flavours. Now it is your turn to add the fifth element WATER for your very own experience of harmony! Ingredients: apple pieces, goji berries, dragonfruit, lemon grass, blackberry and nettle leaves, orange peel, eucalyptus leaves, carrot flakes, natural flavouring, cornflowers, marigold.



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