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Yixing Tea Pot-#8

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8 OZ ea pot. Dashipiao    .Brown Color.#8

This is a superior Yixing clay tea set with calligraphy characters scribed on the body. For centuries, the aesthetic Yixing teawares are known to be the best vessel for brewing tea. With continued usage the porous and unglazed teawares will absorb the aroma and flavors of your tea. It is said that if you use a Yixing teapot for many years, you can brew tea by just pouring boiling water into the empty pot.

These items are smaller than modern teapots and teacups because the tradition Chinese tea preparation method consists of many servings from one tea sitting. The entire contents of each brew can be quickly emptied after each infusion. This assures that the tea is served without the bitterness that may occur when tea leaves are left to steep too long. This tea pot includes the following choice:

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