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Oolong- Green Oolong Baozhong Oolong #10

  • $2000

High quality Wenshang Baozhong

This is limited production.

A lightly to moderately oxidized oolong, which means it is not as dark - more green - than many oolongs.  Tung Ting oolong is rolled into balls with relatively few stems.  Since this tea is only moderately oxidized it has a mild, smooth flavor without the smokiness which is characteristic of darker oolongs.  This tea has a nice yellow/golden-green color with a sweet mildly floral aroma. 

This tea comes from Taiwan. One of my favorite Tea. Best seller tea.

Use 1 tsp. per cup.  Steep 4 to 5 minutes with 210 degree water.  Will brew 2 to 3 times. 

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