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Tea Stainer (Premium Tea Infuser Stainless steel)

  • $1495

 Size Top 88mm, depth 62mm, bottom 49mm.

  • REALLY EASY TO USE, FILL, AND CLEAN:Tea Stainer (Premium Tea Infuser : Strainer : Steeper; Stainless for Loose Leaf Tea
  • Tea infuser basket fits perfectly in a cup and held in place by the rim and handle over the lip of the cup. Simply add tea leaves into the basket and pour hot water into the cup. Easy to remove tea leaves from basket and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe. Better than ball types that are easy to bend out of place and spoon types that are difficult to fill and clean.
  • ▶ They make a great PRESENT: a wonderful gift for family or friends that is beneficial for their health. Pick up an extra one for the office to enjoy hot tea at work anytime. Enjoy freshly brewed tea every day! Buy more than one and SAVE ON SHIPPING.
  • ▶ STANDARD SIZE: Will fit in most standard cups, mugs, and small teapots. Long handle allows to accommodate slightly larger cups.




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