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Flavor Tea Sampler( with clear cap on top 4 tins)

Flavor Tea Sampler( with clear cap on top 4 tins)

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We only put all the top seller tea in this combination, come with white peach tea, Organic Joy Tea. Three treasure oolong tea. Rooibos Karahari:

White Tea .this is good flavor tea White PeachTM White Tea blends the classic flavor of Bai Mu Dan White Tea, often called 'White Peony" Tea in the West, with Peach Pieces, Vanilla Bits, Marigold and Chrysanthemum Petals.

Three treasure oolong, with a coconut and pineapple flavor .

it is a great tasty oolong.

The Rooibos, with honeybush, marigolds,comflowers, orange peel with orange,peach, and vanilla.

Joy tea with : green tea with Lavender and rose bud, the tea is a special tast for the fresh and green.

All the tea please just just Boiling water, only Brew for 5-10 Second, do not over brew, it is the key make tea taste great, then also you can brew another 5-8 time of tea.

This is A great tea sampler we put all together for you at this wonder holiday season.

Brew Instruction:

 2tps with 16oz-24oz cup or pot, boiling water, steep 5-10 seconds, re-use it another 3-8times.

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