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Special Tea Sampler(10kinds)

  • $6999
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This 10 Chinese tea sampler come with 2 gift, you save another big $$$$.

Be happy happy have 10 kind of Chinese tea with you when you want some tea for fresh feeling.

This is a good choice. 10 kinds Chinese tea sampler, come with a cleat tin you can see what kind tea inside, start to get to know all the Chinese tea, we put 10 kinds famouse tea all together for you.

Big Red Robe and water fairy, Tieguanyin Green Oolong,Dongting Oolong

Green Tea High MT green tea, Dragon Well, Jasmine green tea.

White peony white tea,

High Mt Black fairy  and Yunnan Imperial black tea,

Enjoying all the delicious tea.

The tea holds 1 oz of tea, but it is depend on the tea, some tea can be only half OZ, some tea can be 2 oz.

Brew instruction:

208 degree water or boiling water, steep 5 -10 second, you can steep over 5-10 times.

Brew Instruction:

 2tps with 16oz-24oz cup or pot, boiling water, steep 5-10 seconds, re-use it another 3-8times.

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