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Tea Sampler (5 kind of black tea with Clear Tin top)

  • $2999

This is 1oz tin for the tea, it is depend on the tea, some tin can be hold for half oz, some can be 2 oz,

This is the greatest way to find out, who will be the winner, when you have 5 kind of breakfast tea together, Try them all together, who will be the one make you think is your taste.


Black tea war, you are the judge.

Use Gaiwan or Yixing tea pot to try all, you  will  find  " wow", "wow" it is a big different.

So we have Chinese breakfast tea,  Irish breakfast, English breakfast tea, Yunnan imp, a black fairy.

Brew instruction:

208 degree water or boiling water, steep 5 -10 second, you can steep over 5-10 times.


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