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Free Tea Tasting Events



A tea tasting is a great way to learn more about about fine teas while also experiencing a bit of the tea culture from another country and having fun with your friends.  In much the same way that a wine tasting can be a great introduction to new wines as well as a lot of fun, a tea tasting is an enjoyable blend of entertainment and education. 


We offer a number of different types of tea tasting events.  You can host a tea tasting in your home for family and friends.  You can attend one of our public tea events at local restaurants, health food stores, or other venues.  And you can incorporate a tea tasting into a home, corporate or charity event.

Public Events

 FREE TEA TASTING TUESDAY ---Saturday 10-7pm

 Home or Corporate Tea Events

A Tea Event can be done at your home or at a meeting of an organization such as your business, a church group, or a charity.  Our Tea Events can be completely customized to your requirements. At a typical event, our tea consultant discusses topics such as the history of tea, varieties of tea, how various teas are produced, how to best prepare the various types of tea, the health benefits of tea, and more.  You and your consultant will select a tea menu for your event to meet your requirements.  Typically you will sample six to eight different teas at an event.  We can also cater other foods and snacks that complement the teas on your event menu.  Our consultant will prepare the selected teas at the event.  The typical event lasts from 60 to 90 minutes, depending upon the number of teas selected and the other choices you have made in designing your event.  

 The charge for a Tea Event varies depending upon the tea menu you select and your other catering choices.  The per head charge typically starts at $25 for 8 or more attendees.  Please contact or call us at 615.775.8053 for more information on one of our Tea Events.