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Chinese Tea Sampler -Black Tea Oolong Green and White Tea

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Best seller tea At Music City Tea Shop. High Mt come with Strainer gift.

Here's a great way to taste a variey of Chinese teas without taking the risk of buying a large quantity of something that you might not like.   There are four varieties of tea in our sampler.  There is 1 oz. of each variety giving you a total of 4 oz. for the entire sampler.  That means you'll be able to make approximately 50 cups of tea from this sampler, with 10 to 15 cups of each type of tea.  

The sample come with Chinese Breakfast Black Fairly Black Tea, big red robe(Oolong) Wuyi, High Mt Cloud Mist Green Tea, White Peony white tea.

This is the best four kind tea and good combination for you to try all the finest tea from china, hopeful enjoying your tea.

Brew Instruction:

 2tps with 16oz-24oz cup or pot, boiling water, steep 5-10 seconds, re-use it another 3-8times.

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