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Cooked Tuocha Pu-erh 10 years old

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Cooked pu-erh refers to a modern method of accelerating the production of pu-erh tea.  It produces a tea that is not as complex as a good raw (green) pu-erh and that will not significantly change character with aging.  Cooked pu-erh is ready to drink at a young age.  It is a more common every day drink than raw pu-erh.  However, it is pu-erh - it is both fermented and oxidized.  

This pu-erh comes in small compressed domes with an indentation on the bottom.  One of these cakes is used in a gaiwan or small clay pot (or one of our Personal Push-pots).  

This tea has an earthy, bold aroma that reminds many people of a wet forest. The flavor is a bit of a surprise after the strong aroma - it is smooth and deep without any hint of bitterness.   

Pu-erhs are complex teas and you will want to experiment to find the best way to infuse pu-erh to satisfy your personal taste.  However, here's a way to get started.  First, make pu-erh in the Chinese style using a gaiwan or similar small (approx. 6 oz.) pot.  Place one of these small pu-erh cakes in your gaiwan.  Use very hot water just off the boil (205 degrees - 210 degrees).  Your first pour of water into the gaiwan is used to rinse the leaves - pour in the water and immediately pour it back off.  Then pour in more water, steep for 25 to 30 seconds, and pour off the tea into a tea pitcher or cup.  Let cool and drink.  You can infuse the pu-erh many times - add a few seconds to the length of the steep for each successive cup. 


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