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Oolong Tea -Water Fairy Wuyishan 6packs 9gram each

  • $899

Sale as Small package each bag with 9gram of loose tea tea leaves. it is fit a 6-8oz Chinese Gong fu style tea pot, such as Yixing clay tea pot or Gaiwan tea set.

Water Fairy, or Shui Xian, is one of Wuyi Shan's best known teas.  This area of Fujian Province provides many wonderful Oolong teas, including our Water Sprite rock oolong.  In appearance, this is a leafy, strip-style oolong.  It is quite dark and highly oxidized.  The leaves are somewhat thick and not as tightly twisted as some teas.  The dry leaves have a full and earthy aroma with a hint of peat smoke.

This tea has a light and slightly sweet taste that is a bit surprising given how dark the tea leaf appears.  There's a hint of peat and a mouth-filling body to this very satisfying tea.  The tea liquor is an medium amber color. 

Our Water Fairy is a very reasonably-priced oolong that can be a great introduction to Wuyi rock oolongs for those who don't know these famous teas.  It's also a great value for those who already enjoy drinking these great, dark oolongs from China.  

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