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Large Set Yixing Clay Gong Fu Tea Set-#888

  • $16800
  • Save $332

Great large tea set for everything you need for you Gongfu tea.

Chinese tea ceremony set. Very tiny, if you never have Chinese tea before beware this tea set are tiny pot and tiny cups. 

Interested in a high quality tea set with everything you need to conduct your own Chinese tea ceremonies? Then this is the set for you!

Coming with everything you need to brew any type of tea, this tea set is both a great starter set and a beautiful addition to anyone's collection!

What it comes with:

  • 1 4oz Clay Tea Pot
  • 1 4oz Gaiwan
  • 1 4oz Serving Pot (ocean)
  • 6 0.5oz Aroma Cups
  • 10 .5oz Tasting Cups
  • 6 Bamboo Cup Trays
  • 1 Full Set of Tea Tools
  • 1 Tea Towels
  • 1 Strainer
  • 1   15x11x2.5inch Bamboo Tea Tray 

This is a very high quality set worth over $500, but we are selling it for only $299! Get yours before we run out!

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