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Mugwort Herbal Wild Grown #H110

  • $2000

We sell dry Mugwort leaves. you can use for drinking it daily or buy it mix with our other teas. you can use the mugwort bag as healing pad, instruction follow the YouTube.

Mugwort benefits include: 

                 Relieving stress, Boosting energy

    • Promoting blood circulation, Increasing urine output
    • Improving sleep, Relieving an itch3,
    • Relieving headaches, Relieving muscle aches
    • Supporting liver health, Normalizing menstrual cycles
    • Easing digestion problem, Repelling insects
    • come with 2oz bag size you can use for as heating pad. Warm up Microwave for 20-30 seconds and put on pain areas and help relieve pain and aches . 

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