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Black Tea ( Monkey Pick Black) High Mountain - BMP49

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This is a great black tea grown at High Moutain Wuyishan, China.

The tea plant is wild on the High Moutain above 1000 high sea lever.


Black Tea

Black tea is the most popular tea in the world. Black tea goes through full fermentation in which the leaf color darkens to give it its black color. The flavor of black tea differs and ranges from flowery and fruity to spicy and nutty. Long-term consumption of black tea can lead to a lower risk of stroke. A high concentration of flavoring is found in black tea. This compound helps reduce clotting of arteries and act as an antioxidant that reduce levels of damaging free radicals in the body.

Steeping time:

Boiling water: 1.5 tsp, steep 5-10 seconds, re -steep over 6-10 times.


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