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At Music City Tea we teach you a totally new way to brew your tea. try it and you will love it. Use Boiling water or 210 degree water for all the tea. Steep Oolong and Black tea for 5 seconds. You can use same tea leaves to brew for 5-10 times. Brew green and white tea for 1 second. You can use the same tea leaves to brew for 3-5 times. The tea tastes great.
Welcome to Music City Tea - your source for premium teas from the world’s great tea growing regions.

Free tea tastings and  Chinese tea ceremony Mon-Sat 10am-5pm! Bring your friends and family  and enjoy a cup of tea with us. Learn about how to create your own special blend of  tea and experience  all the benefits .



Tea Tastings and Events

A tea tasting is a great way to learn more about about fine teas while also experiencing a bit of the tea culture from another country and having fun with your friends.  We offer a number of different types of tea tasting events.  You can host a tea tasting in your home for family and friends.  You can attend one of our public tea events at local restaurants, health food stores, or other venues.  And you can incorporate a tea tasting into a corporate or charity event.  

One of our most popular tastings is a Chinese Gong Fu tea ceremony, as shown above.  Jenny ran her own tea shop in China and is very knowledgeable about Chinese teas and tea culture.  And no one is more passionate about sharing her knowledge of fine tea.  In addition to a Gong Fu ceremony we offer a number of different tea event options.  For more information about hosting or attending a tea tasting, please either click here for more information or see the contact page to get in touch with us directly.