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The Tea Enthusiast's Handbook B01

The Tea Enthusiast's Handbook B01

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This is a great book for the novice or experienced tea lover.  Veteran tea professionals Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss provide decades of expertise on understanding tea and its origins, the many ways to buy tea, and how to explore and enjoy the six classes of tea (green, yellow, white, oolong, black, and Pu-erh). Additional advice on steeping the perfect cup and storing tea at home, alongside a gallery of more than thirty-five individual teas with tasting notes and descriptions make The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook a singular source of both practical information and rich detail about this fascinating beverage. 

This book can serve as in introduction to the richness of the world of tea to those looking to move beyond grocery store teas.  For more experienced tea drinkers, it's a valuable and handy small reference to the major types of tea and principal tea-growing regions.  Highly recommended.