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White -Silver Needles

White -Silver Needles

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White  Tea-Silver Needles:

Silver Needles is one of the revered, historic teas of China.  Real Silver Needles, like ours, comes from northern Fujian Province.  These are buds plucked during a few weeks in early spring.  The buds are long and slender and covered with white down.  A truly special tea.

A classic tea such as this should be carefully prepared.  We recommend using a gaiwan in the Chinese manner.  But a small teapot will work just fine as well.  The flavor will be very smooth and soft and a bit sweet.  Has a clean and somewhat floral aroma.  The color is a pale yellowish gold.

Use 2 teaspoons of tea for 6 oz of water.  Steep in approximately 170 degree water for 3 minutes.  Can be infused 2 to 3 times or more, especially if you steep for a shorter time to start with. 

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