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Osmanthus Green Oolong

Osmanthus Green Oolong


Osmanthus Flowewith Green Oolong

This is one of my Favorite tea i will drink in my daily life, this is a very special taste tea for sample mix with the tea you like make taste very good with add anything else.

Top recommend.

In China, osmanthus tea (桂花茶, guìhuāchá) combines sweet osmanthus flowers with black or green tea or white leaves. Osmanthus wine flavors huangjiu or other rice wines with full osmanthus blossoms and is traditionally consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Traditional Chinese medicine claims that osmanthus tea improves complexion and helps rid the body of excess nitric oxide, a compound linked to the formation of cancer, diabetes, and renal disease.

Use 5-10 pieces of the small tea balls, and add litter bit of the yellow Osmanthus flower, you can steep about 5-10 seconds. steep with Boiling water or over 200 degree water to steep.






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