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Gong Fu Travel Tea Set (Butterfly) #662

  • $2595

Gong Fu Tea Travel Set

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Beautiful and compact travel tea set for brewing and serving gong-fu style teas. Pure  porcelain, this set showcases all the great color and brings out the best flavor of green, oolong, and black teas.

Set contains 1 gaiwan with lid, 1 pourer for holding brewed tea, 5 small cups, 1 carrying case.  The case is padded with internal flaps for holding and protecting the various components during travel.  The items in this set are smaller than the typical home gong fu items - it is a travel set after all.  The gaiwan's total capacity is about 4 ounces but that is full to the brim - useful capacity is around 3.5 ounces.  The cups are half ounce capacity. 
  we sell 4 kinds of travel tea set, butterfly and bird with dragon and pure white 4kinds.
A terrific addition to any tea collection, particularly for those who want to enjoy their tea gong fu style while on the road. 

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