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Gaiwan -Qinghua beautiful Gaiwan G02

Gaiwan -Qinghua beautiful Gaiwan G02


These are our highest quality Gaiwans in the store. Made of very delicate ceramic, they are extremely beautiful and a real joy to use. 



Prior to the Ming Dynasty the (1368–1644), Tea was normally consumed from the vessel in which it was prepared. As described by the tea master LUYU, this special bowl had to be large enough to accommodate the implements and actions of tea brewing, though compact enough to be held comfortably in the hands for consumption. The term for this versatile piece of equipment was Chawan(茶碗; lit. "tea bowl"). It was during the Ming Dynasty that the innovations in both tea ritual and tea preparation gave rise to the Gaiwan. The Gaiwan of today are generally smaller and more leaves are used in brewing.

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