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Bamboo Tea Tray JZ027

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The bamboo tray is used for brewing tea in the traditional Chinese Gong Fu style.  The tray is an important ingredient in gong fu brewing because of the potentially messy nature of the process.  Cups and other items used in the gong fu ceremony are rinsed, often more than once, in hot water or tea during the course of a gong fu tea service.  The tray provides a platform for the tea service and the tray catches and holds the overflow water.

.How to protect your bamboo tea tray:

1. Bamboo loves water, so keep the bamboo tea tray damp.
2. Use a tea towel to keep it clean, it will be more smooth.
3. Avoid direct sunlight, better to use it every day.
4. To keep it from drying out, keep a little water inside.


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