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(Copy) Mugwort Herbal Wild Gown H001 Dry Leave

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Mugwort is one of most famous herbal used in daily life. It is help your body healing many ways


There are many traditional superstitions related to this herb. For example, people used to believe that mugwort could protect from fatigue, sunstroke, wild animals, and evil spirits. Many people also suggest that the Romans used to use mugwort in their sandals to relieve aching feet.

MoxibustionThe main use of mugwort is in a technique called moxibustion. This involves burning the herb over a specific part of the body based on what the practitioner is trying to achieve.Practitioners also commonly use moxibustion during acupuncture to increase the effectiveness of this ancient Chinese practice.There is some evidence to suggest that moxibustion may be able to help prevent or correct breech births, which might, in turn, help reduce the need for as many cesarean deliveries.

Menstrual relief  mugwort can help relax the uterus, and, in doing so, induce a late menstrual cycle and relieve any cramps associated with it.

Cancer treatmentThere is limited evidence to suggest that some types of mugwort may be effective in treating cancerous cells.Mugwort may also be effective for a number of digestive complaints, including: low appetite, colic, indigestion, diarrhea.constipation, travel sickness.stomach acidity.

Mugwort Benefits

Purported mugwort benefits include: Relieving stress,Boosting energy. Improving sleepRelieving an itch,Promoting blood circulation,Relieving headaches,Supporting liver health,Easing digestion problem,Repelling insects,Relieving muscle aches,Normalizing menstrual cycles.Increasing urine output