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Yixing Tea Set Large Set with Wooden Tea Tray D148

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It is a beautiful tea set, with all you need for making Chinese Gong Fu tea, one tea pot, one ocean, with fragrance cup, and tasting cups, everything come with it in the pictures,

come with a large Chinese Calligraphic Art Pattern. the tray size: 17(L)X10(W)X3(H). the tray bottom is plastic tray with pull out part.


This Set is very tiny, if you never have Chinese gongfun tea, please check some of the information before you buy it.

you might think this is the kid tea set.

Buying options:

Just Yixing tea set. Come with the set and the tea tool and bamboo coaster, no tea tray.Tea tray is not included.

whole set come with everything .





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