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Black - Wuyi MT Wild ( Wild Nature) Large Tea Leaves #B480

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This very mild and sweet tasting black tea is a favorite among the patrons at our shop. Unlike a lot of other types of black tea, this tea is almost no bitterness and has very interesting sweet, floral notes to its pallet. 

If you are looking for a great black tea that is a step away from the very popular "breakfast" teas, this is definitely the way to go!

Special Grade.  A really amazing tea and a favorite at our tastings.  it will need water over 200 degree.  Couple this with a short brew time of 5-10 second and you get a delicious cup of tea.  No bitterness and a soft flavor profile with a sweet undertone.  

We suggest that you use a Yixing tea set or Gaiwan set.

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